Elevations Laos

Spellbrook and The Australian Government, through the Australian Embassy in Laos’ Direct Aid Program (DAP), are co-funding the 2018-19 exhibition.

Elevations Laos is a non-profit contemporary art initiative aiming to support and stimulate mobility and exchange in Laos amongst artists and publics in Southeast Asia and beyond.

During even years, Elevations Laos Exhibition focuses on artists in or from the Southeast Asian region, inspiring a symposium and public program.

During odd years, the Elevations Laos art prize will encourage emerging artists of all ages and ethnicities holding Lao citizenship to apply. An esteemed jury will award finalists and a prizewinner for an awards exhibition.

N.B. image supplied with the consent of the artist, Souliya Phoumivong

Please use project number J1003N as the reference number when making donations through GDG